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Letter: U.S. gives Israel a pass on brutality

U.S. gives Israel a pass on brutality

The recent spectacle and deaths surrounding the move of the American embassy to Jerusalem should remove any lingering delusions that the U.S. is an unbiased proponent of Middle East peace, or that Israel is in any way concerned about Palestinians as human beings, with the rights we supposedly assume accrue to humans.

The U.S. gives Israel a free pass when killing Palestinians, as it always has, and the greater glory of Israel is always more important.

Israel is quite content to maintain its apartheid domination over a subject people, trapped in an unsustainable environment of deprivation, and the inconvenience of killing a few of them now and then is the price they are clearly willing to pay, with U.S. help.

Now, under the Trump administration the very limited restraint that the U.S. historically pretended to exert on Israel has vanished completely, and we hypocritically blame the desperate protests of a forgotten and abandoned people for their own murders. And we wring our hands and proclaim our hope of attaining “Middle East Peace.”

I’m sure the apologists for Israel are out there now, firing up their computers to proclaim that “there is no hope for peace because the Palestinians hate us so.” Considering what the history has been, and the present is, and what the future appears to hold for them – how could they not?

Eric A. Gallion


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