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Letter: Cartoonist on the mark with Obama legacy erasure

Cartoonist on the mark with Obama legacy erasure

I can’t remember ever agreeing with a political cartoon by right-wing cartoonist Michael Ramirez; but I do have to agree, in a sense, with a recent cartoon which could be entitled “Erasing Obama’s Legacy.”

That cartoon depicts a pencil and eraser labeled “History” rubbing away the visage of President Obama, who Ramirez always mockingly draws as a chimpanzee-eared lightweight. Donald Trump is indeed doing everything in his power to erase the legacy of President Obama from the history books. Unfortunately, the legacy that Mr. Trump is trying to eradicate is one of intelligence, eloquence, dignity, compassion for the poor, and a concern for the health and survival of the planet.

That legacy is being replaced instead with a Trumpian legacy of ignorance, crassness, bigotry, endless lies, and a cast of con-man like characters and level of corruption matched only by a Mafia crime family. Ramirez may think history will forget Obama, but nothing will ever erase from history the disgrace and betrayal with which Mr. Trump has soiled the office of the Presidency.

Richard Kirisits


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