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Expat report: Monthly look at 3 things ex-Western New Yorkers may have missed

It's a puzzle

Buffalonians see the world differently. Every once in a while, something happens that makes us stand out, wherever we happen to be.

Such an event occurred not long ago when the Commuter Puzzle -- the crossword carried by The Buffalo News and other newspapers across the country -- carried a clue that had special relevance to us. Thanks to Buffalonian Bob Anthony for pointing out a problematic clue: "Diamond or Armstrong." The answer was four letters. They wanted "Neil," as in Neil Diamond, Neil Armstrong. But you could tell the Buffalonians because we were the ones uttering different four-letter words as we tried, without success, to write "Lance."

Greet the heat

Half way into May, it's getting a little warmer. One recent sunny day, downtown had the aroma of coffee and hot dogs. A crew was swabbing the decks of the Miss Buffalo, getting ready for the new season. Allen Street looked like a festival, with a crowd packing Colter Bay's patio, holding beers. At the Buffalo Zoo, the giraffes were out, and giraffes are only out on perfect days.

Meanwhile, everyone else in the world has graduated to complaining about the heat. Rick Snowden, ex-Buffalonian and former owner of the Miller Mansion on Nottingham, now owns Nottingham Hill Farm, a B&B in Tennessee. He wrote, on Facebook, that where he was it was over 92 degrees. He added: "Time for daily lemonade on the porch and a jump in the pool." Why, shucks, he has turned into the perfect Southerner.

Party central

Here's a Buffalo experience we've all had. You're at Tops or wherever, in line with your beer and Sahlen's and chips and Bison dip, and strangers around you start pointing and going, "Party at your house!" Ha, ha.

Let's do that to Rick Snowden and his lemonade and his pool. Rick, party at your house. Road trip.

Then again, why leave? There's no place like home. Just ask the local meet-up group "Buffalo Underground: THIS is WNY!" A member of the group named Melanie hipped The News to the group's plans for Tuesday, May 29: "Sixty of us will be doing a Flash Mob, where we will drive through Buffalo aboard the Double Decker Bus, get off at various public locations and then dance the Saturday Night Fever Disco Line Dance (from the movie)," our informant informed us. "We are taking the dance lessons right now to prepare."

There it is, everyone's reason to come home for Memorial Day weekend. And, perhaps, stay a little while.


Each month, Mary Kunz Goldman provides Buffalo's expats a list of three or so things that happened in their former hometown they might not have seen.

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