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Opponents of Trump need to let go of hatred

To the poster that said Trump will lie about anything to further his immediate wants. What exactly does he “want” for. I have read ad nauseam about what an evil, lying man he is in the editorial section of this paper for over a year.

It is truly incredible to me that people cannot see how they have been misled by our government, especially the last eight years. Obama was elected president.

He wasn’t my choice but he was the president.

I have seen unprecedented hatred for this man who now holds the office and I wonder why people of this country would not support him whether they were his choice or not.

Do you not want this country to succeed?

We just keep hearing over and over again about his sexual offenses. Ironically, the majority of them after he became president. I assume anyone who was “assaulted” by him could have cashed in a long time ago, while he was a private citizen.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who was actually accused of rape by numerous women, and of course, “relations” with a young intern while in the office.

Don’t you think it’s time to let your hatred go and move on?

Lynn Avery

West Seneca

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