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Letter: Trump has America on right track again

Trump has America on right track again

A recent letter bashed all “deplorables” for voting in Donald Trump as president of the United States. The writer even quoted Shakespeare (how learned).

Trump may have been inexperienced (which was an asset), is certainly not boorish (for sure) and is a womanizer. Probably. But not while a president.

Did this person forget the worst womanizers in history were Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton? Such hypocrisy!

This person obviously voted for Hillary Clinton. I’m sure she was the most experienced candidate. And the most corrupt! Thank the voters and God for putting America on the right track, finally.

President Barack Obama’s eight years were a disaster, for the most part. Now, America has respectability in the world, thanks to Trump.

Incidentally everyone, how are your tax-sheltered annuities, individual retirement accounts and investments doing these days? Pretty good, huh? How about the new tax laws? How about border control? New jobs created? North Korea backing down? And on and on.

Like many people have said, if Trump found a cure for cancer, liberals would blame him for putting doctors out of business. Hang in there “deplorables,” the best is yet to come.

Ray Suto


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