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Letter: Speeding drivers cause angst on the expressways

Speeding drivers cause angst on the expressways

It is very shocking to be on Interstate 290 (the Youngmann Memorial Highway) in your car and watch as vehicles race past you going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone. As if that isn’t bad enough, after passing you other cars one by one weave in and out, between the other cars on either side of you and ahead of you as they take turns passing by one another, to get ahead even faster. It’s a virtual free-for-all.

That’s just how it is driving on I-290 every time we travel that highway. Two weeks ago on our way to Walmart, it was even more crazy than other times.

It is disturbing when there are no police cars or sheriff’s vehicles in sight the whole way to the store to catch these speeding maniacs in the act. It’s no wonder drivers are so bold, because they all know they are getting away with their recklessness every time they travel this busy highway.

They obviously have no regard or concern for sensible drivers’ safety or well-being. They only know that they want to get wherever they are going as fast as they can, as long as their need for speed is satisfied.

Each time we reach home after driving on I-290, we consider ourselves blessed to have been able to return back home safely with our car in one piece.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the speed limits were obeyed and strictly enforced?

Carolyn Haag


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