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Letter: Suit against Queens Landing is on behalf of thousands of us

Suit against Queens Landing is on behalf of thousands of us

A spokesman was recently quoted in The News trying to defend the proposed 23-story Queens Landing Outer Harbor atrocity. He finds it frustrating that “three individuals are trying to dictate what happens on people’s private property, that they don’t own.”

Those three individuals stand at the head of and represent thousands of us who have an appreciation for our lakefront natural heritage on the Outer Harbor.

A single moneyed investor threatens to mar acres and acres of publicly owned parkland by constructing a totally misplaced, gigantic, thumblike structure in the midst of a natural home for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds, fantastic sunsets and generations of ordinary folks seeking the tranquility of the blue expanse of Lake Erie.

This single moneyed owner has already been held responsible for contaminating the lake with poisonous remains of the old Freezer Queen building.

It is well-known that the site that must be disturbed for the foundation of this bird-killing obstruction is a toxic landfill. How much more of this material will wind up in the lake given his careless style of construction?

The suit being pursued against Queens Landing simply insists that the environmental risks of this project be carefully weighed under the provisions of the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act – on behalf of thousands of us.

Larry Beahan


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