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Letter: Factory-farmed meat imperils the environment

Factory-farmed meat imperils the environment

You should care about the planet. What’s the easiest way to help protect the planet and even reverse some of the damage? Stop eating meat and dairy from factory farms. Stop going out to chain restaurants that use factory farmed meat.

If everyone in America either became a vegan, vegetarian, only hunted for their meat, or bought only locally butchered animals and dairy products from local, family run farms (the choice is up to you), we would do far more environmental good for our country, and then some, than if we were 100 percent solar and wind energy and stopped driving cars.

Stop consuming dairy and meat that even local family farms say isn’t healthy, with animals stuck in pens their whole lives and jammed with steroids.

Either go vegan, vegetarian, or buy only local and eat out only local. You owe it to your body (factory farmed meat has a much higher rate of producing colon cancer if consumed regularly), the animals, the planet, and locally owned businesses and farms.

Megan DePerro

East Aurora

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