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Letter: Don’t vote for politicians who bow to the NRA

Don’t vote for politicians who bow to the NRA

Despicable Donald. What better way to refer to a person who would use tragedy for a photo opportunity and self-promotion?

That’s exactly what our president did following the Parkland, Fla., shooting when he invited student representatives to discuss solutions to provide greater gun safety in our country while admonishing fellow Republicans to “stand up to the NRA.”

Last week he went on to deliver a speech at the annual NRA meeting, giving his full support to their cause. Money talks and the NRA has provided millions to assorted politicians backing their views.

They are particularly concerned with the backlash from these student activists and polls show a majority of Americans support legislation removing assault style weaponry from general public consumption along with more stringent background checks and selling practices.

Responsible gun owners as well as scrupulous retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods have shown support for gun safety legislation. Dick’s chose to not only remove these weapons from their shelves but will also destroy said items avoiding the possibility of “black-market” sales.

These endorsements are particularly valuable coming from people with greater knowledge of the products than the average citizen.

To all Americans who have grown tired of reports of shooting massacres or children shot by unsecured firearms we do hold a power greater than guns. I implore you to use that power of your vote in the November midterm elections by selecting candidates who are NOT endorsed by the NRA. You can make a difference.

Helen Shoff

West Seneca

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