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Letter: Israel is simply acting to protect its people

Israel is simply acting to protect its people

The recent letter accusing Israel of wrongdoing against Gazan “protesters” misstates the facts at every turn. Hamas is using human shields to screen its attempts to breach the Israeli border, as it had tried to do with tunnels, with the purpose of capturing and killing Israeli civilians. Hamas has made multiple efforts to cut the border fence, some of them successful, and Israel is doing what it must to protect its people.

From 2005 to the present, Hamas has been firing rockets relentlessly into Israel, acts of war by any standard. Yet, despite what the letter writer claims, Israel continues to provide Gaza’s people with electricity and water, conduct probably unmatched anywhere else in the world. As for her claim that Israel blocks humanitarian supplies from entering Gaza, this is completely false. Following its last incursion in response to rocket attacks, Israel allowed in great quantities of cement to supposedly rebuild damaged housing. Instead, it was appropriated by Hamas and used to build more tunnels into Israel.

Currently the “peaceful civilian protesters” are throwing Molotov cocktails, sending incendiary kites over the border to cause wildfires in southern Israel and aiding an enemy force to breach the border. A major proportion of those killed and wounded belong to Hamas and its allies, including the two “journalists” who died. The term “civilian” begins to lose meaning in these circumstances.

Richard S. Laub


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