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Letter: Are we going to arm college professors, too?

Are we going to arm college professors, too?

Following the recent school shooting in Florida, many concerned citizens are calling for arming teachers. Shootings have occurred at all levels of education, yet little has been said about arming college professors. As a professor concerned with my students’ safety, I should be equipped with enough firepower to deter those considering attacking my university and to quickly neutralize any who invade campus.

With funding from my university, I could receive training in the use of firearms and advanced combat techniques. Additional funding from the university would allow me to purchase powerful weapons. To be a true deterrent, one must strike fear into those who would attack. Therefore, I would need to have substantially greater (and visible) firepower than an aspiring shooter.

Wearing a double-holster gun belt with a pair of Glock 18s would be a good start. These are fully automatic pistols with 33-round magazines and a 1,200-round per minute rate of fire. An assault shotgun slung over one shoulder and an assault rifle slung over the other would provide additional intimidation and stopping power.

Students could attend class confidently, knowing that we would be able to deal decisively with deranged intruders. It is hard to imagine how comforting it would be to students and their parents knowing armed professors could produce a hardened response when necessary.

Scott Johnston


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