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At fight night in Albany, Tim Kennedy leaves before the main event

State Sen. Tim Kennedy is a man of peace.

That's what we learned about the Buffalo Democrat last week, when he found himself in the middle of a possible fisticuffs at a hotel bar in Albany.

Kennedy, according to the New York Daily News, was talking to Brad Gerstman, a well-connected lawyer, when former Carpenters Union boss Steve McInnis walked up to them and asked Kennedy if he was with Gerstman. McInnis punctuated his question with several words that can't be reprinted in a family newspaper.

"Whoa, I don't want anything to do with this," Kennedy said before swiftly leaving the scene.

We salute Kennedy's pacifism, but we know the late Jimmy Griffin would have handled things differently.

Gerstman and McInnis, who objected to Gerstman's positions on union-related policies, had a heated conversation inside the hotel before agreeing to go outside to settle their dispute. The would-be pugilists calmed down before a fight broke out.

Kennedy spokeswoman Molly Hirschbeck declined to comment on the details of the incident.

But, she told us, "When the senator rallied behind legalizing MMA, this wasn't ideally what he had in mind."

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