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Letter: Burgeoning deer population poses threat to drivers, animals

Burgeoning deer population poses threat to drivers, animals

The large deer population in our area is no secret to anyone, especially to those who are trying to avoid them while being out on the road. Although I frequently see them in small groups of three or four grazing in my own backyard, it was not until just a few evenings ago that I came to a new realization. Recently while driving home from East Aurora back to West Seneca during the evening at about 7 p.m., we encountered the first group of deer grazing along the road immediately outside of town. Out of curiosity we began counting the many deer that were grazing along Seneca Street and then East and West Road in West Seneca. When we had counted approximately 220 deer, we decided to stop counting as we observed additional large groups of up to 20 of the animals at several other locations. It was simply overwhelming to actually encounter this many deer in just such a short period of time.

While I generally enjoy our closeness with nature, including the deer, it has really elevated my alertness to a totally new level. Having had two previous encounters with deer running into my car has made me even more cautious, especially so during the darkening hours. While it is a real danger to both humans and the animals, not to mention the enormous automobile repair costs, I see this as a worsening problem not just for our community but for the entire county.

It is quite common to see deer grazing along the New State Thruway, especially so during the evening hours, while thousands of vehicles pass only a few feet from those very unpredictable animals. Dead deer along our highways are an all too common scene, but it becomes more obvious when it occurs in the middle of our towns. Unfortunately, it is not something we can continue to ignore in hope that it will solve itself. In the meantime it pays to use extra caution.

Fred Bonisch

West Seneca

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