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One year later, the Tonawanda sub eater sticks to his routine

John Pawlowski still eats the same sub, from the same deli, and on sunny days once a week he still parks under same shady tree on the same Town of Tonawanda street for his lunch break.

One year later, the country's most famous sub eater remains a creature of habit.

"I don't have another good spot," Pawlowski said.

Habitual sub eater may move lunch spot because of Tonawanda resident's gripe

It was late April 2017 when The News published an Off Main Street item on Pawlowski's run-in with two neighbors who didn't appreciate his weekly lunch stops on Zimmerman Boulevard. That item and others that documented an encounter with town police, and the support he received from tree owner Barbara Tucker, drew local, national and even international attention.

The News last wrote about Pawlowski in September. Pawlowski said he still gets attention and teasing for his part in the drama. When he picked up a new rulebook for umpiring high school softball, for example, it had "Sub Guy" instead of his name on it.

And last fall, when Pawlowski appeared on WBBZ-TV's "Daily Buzz 716," another guest, an expat who lives in Maine, asked what he did to get on the show. "I ate lunch in my car," Pawlowski replied, prompting the guest to say excitedly, "Oh, you're him."

"I still can't believe it was a thing," Pawlowski said.

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