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Letter: Southwest mishap highlights what’s really important in life

Southwest mishap highlights what’s really important in life

The recent Southwest plane incident has been the focus of news interest over the past few days. We heard about the professionalism of the pilot and crew, which contributed to the overall success in landing. Her calmness and ability are to be acknowledged and appreciated.

We also read and heard of what passengers were doing during what they perceived were their last moments of life.

They weren’t emailing or texting their offices to make sure the “contracts” were signed before the end of the day. No concern over the end of week bottom line – were goals met? What about the important client meeting? Did we get that lawsuit settled? Was that last project over budget?

Numerous reports state that all who had the ability were attempting to contact their loved ones to say “good bye” or “I love you” or “please take care of the kids” or “I want you to find love again.” This basic instinct proves once again what is important to everyone.

A very wise former manager once told me that if I were to die, my employer would put everything of mine in a box for my wife to pick up and have someone in my chair within days. Workers are replaceable but my wife will only have one husband, my kids will have one father and my parents one son.

Without attempting to, these blessed survivors proved what is really important.

Tom Oliver


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