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Letter: President is doing good job, keeping promises he made

President is doing good job, keeping promises he made

Regarding your letters to the editor column: Conservative thinkers welcome debate, searching for a middle ground or compromise that satisfies both parties. Sometimes we have to walk away with both opinions still intact to wait another day to debate.

One Dunkirk person stated “he or she” in reference to God and continues to represent God as a “she.” This tells me the writer is a little confused and places a shadow on the letter. Another person, without credentials, claims President Trump is unfit to hold office and wants to use the 25th Amendment to remove him from office. If it were not for Trump, we would be up to our ears in threats from North Korea, ISIS would be at our door and Iran would have a seaport on the Mediterranean.

Look at the economy and jobs and compromises that China is beginning to make on tariffs!

When I was young, I would vote for the lesser of two evils in our presidential election. I hoped for the promises made to be fulfilled. Trump has done that, and with more bipartisan support, he would be able to accomplish even more.

That’s always the way isn’t it? When we have someone with the wit, wisdom and strength to stay strong, there is always resistance from those who wish to shut down this beautiful country!

If we lose America – all the sanity, morals and freedom will be lost. What will the liberals do when there is no law in this great country and they have to argue with themselves?

James Lenahan


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