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Letter: Flawed Iran nuclear deal need to be fixed or nixed

Flawed Iran nuclear deal need to be fixed or nixed

As we approach May 12, the deadline for the next recertification of the massively flawed deal with Iran (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, or JCPOA), the pro-deal “echo chamber” (in the words of Ben Rhodes, President Barack Obama’s JCPOA adviser and chief salesman) has been firing on all cylinders yet again. In the face of this propaganda barrage, it is worth reviewing the JCPOA’s major problems.

The inspection regimen is flawed in two important ways. It excludes Iranian military sites, where much illicit Iranian nuclear proliferation work has been done. It also permits Iran to delay inspections of suspected nuclear sites for dangerously long periods of time, permitting potential concealment. In fact even Yukiya Amano, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has stated that despite his own agency’s certification of Iranian compliance, the JCPOA inspection regime is actually inadequate to ensure such compliance.

The sunset provisions of the JCPOA ensure that Iran can and will develop a nuclear arsenal in the next decade. German intelligence agencies have already reported Iranian attempts to purchase JCPOA-banned nuclear proliferation materials, Iran has already exceeded JCPOA limits on heavy water production, and there is also evidence that Iran and North Korea have been collaborating (illicitly) on nuclear weapons development.

Iran is the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism, and it is currently engaged in expansionist aggression across the Middle East. The United States has modified or canceled dozens of treaties with other countries in the past, when those treaties were no longer in our national interest. It is not in our national interest for the tyrants of Iran and their terrorist proxies to have nuclear weapons. The JCPOA must be fixed, or nixed.

Daniel H. Trigoboff


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