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Letter: Yi and CCS Oncology provided wonderful care

Yi and CCS Oncology provided wonderful care

I lost my mother in November to lung cancer. Of all the doctors and other medical personnel who treated her – and believe me, in the nearly two-and-a-half years during which she battled cancer, there were many – my mother always thought the highest of Dr. Sam Yi.

Every time we left his office, whether the news was good or not so good, my mother would comment on how nice, compassionate and caring he was. Aside from me and my father, only Yi never gave up on my mother. When other medical professionals offered only condolences, Yi continued to offer us hope.

To the individual pursuing a lawsuit against Yi for allegedly subjecting you to unnecessary treatment: you are still alive and apparently healthy enough to pursue a lawsuit against the very man who saved your life. Whatever happened to gratitude?

To the rest of Western New York: I think many residents will live to regret the manner in which CCS Oncology was systematically ruined. With the increasing rates of cancer (I’m sure I’m not the only person to notice how more and more people seem to be getting cancer younger and younger these days), we need more treatment centers and options, not fewer.

Erik Zavrel


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