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Letter: Trump’s impulsive behavior poses a danger to the world

Trump’s impulsive behavior poses a danger to the world

In our current state of governmental chaos, I hark back to a surprisingly overlooked statement by President Trump’s White House physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson.

After completing his medical assessment of Trump, Jackson stated, and I paraphrase, that Trump was highly unusual in that each day he begins anew, unfettered by memory or attention to consequences of previous actions. Jackson seemed to view this as a positive operational trait.

Hence, memory of previous experiences and consequences does not inform Trump’s behavior. He starts anew each day, operating from grandiosity and ignorance and his own warped reality. So after reading that “Trump operates on a tornado of impulses,” I think it’s time to declare this man unfit for the office of president and remove him before he impulsively starts World War III.

Lucia Leone Sleight, LCSW-R


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