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Letter: President has backbone, he’s doing a terrific job

President has backbone, he’s doing a terrific job

Looking back, President Trump might have had bone spurs that he used as an excuse to avoid the draft, which disappointed many veterans. However, Trump did not lack backbone like the Obama era of appeasement and cowardice, when he drew his red line in the sand only to have it kicked back into his face. President Barack Obama turned into a statue when the going got tough.

Trump drew his line in the sand and invited our allies to join in and show unity, which they did. Trump is doing a great job and I feel safer with him as our president of this country then when Obama used his office as a figurehead.

I would rather have our enemies respect the United States than like us. Next up, rescind the deal with Iran and put North Korea on notice. It’s almost time for truth or consequences.

Anthony Hammill


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