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Letter: Faithful Catholics support the church, its good works

Faithful Catholics support the church, its good works

I am a Catholic and I love my church. All God-loving Catholics are appalled by the revelations of priest abuse of innocent children, and our good bishop is taking great steps to atone for past sins.

As a daily reader of The Buffalo News, I couldn’t help but notice that it has two obsessions: President Trump and the Catholic Church.

The press coverage of abuse is one thing, but the appalling Adam Zyglis cartoon on April 20 was over the top. As I said, I love my church and all the good it does around the world every day. If the collection basket is passed for a “legal fund,” I will gladly help atone for the church’s past sins. We are all sinners, after all.

Throughout history the Catholic Church has faced many times of trial but it has always endured. The good work of the church will go on and on and the truly faithful will not be swayed.

Paul Weslow


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