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Letter: Don’t waste millions expanding Metro Rail

Don’t waste millions expanding Metro Rail

Regarding the University at Buffalo Amherst Campus and new Metro Rail or shuttle improvements – the UB shuttle ain’t broke! So why spend $1.2 billon on Metro Rail to “fix” it?

Expect on-call ride services such as Lyft and Uber to step up. Road systems can adopt improvements better than fixed-route transit.

Will environmental reports tell the whole story of how many need an origin vehicle transfer to a train?

The public needs total cost, travel time and emissions comparisons. Some numbers, please.

About $40 million is needed annually to write off Metro Rail expansion capital; even at the $1.2 billion estimate.

Current Metro Rail fare box share of just operations cost, (no capital) is 25 percent. Where will the other 75 percent subsidy come from? $100 million more is needed.

Current operating cost only is $1.81 per passenger-mile – the highest of 50 major cities.

The economy needs innovative products for a global market. Isn’t that a better use of money than more rigid routes and schedules over a 100-year-old design that the public no longer wants?

Walt Brewer


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