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Letter: Teachers are essential, they deserve good salary

Teachers are essential, they deserve good salary

It has been invigorating to read and hear the thoughts and positions our young students are taking. It sounds like they received a good education. They have written intelligent pieces in newspapers and have given passionate points of view. How is this possible? I haven’t read or heard one comment regarding the wonderful teachers they must have encountered.

These students’ ideas, positions and awareness did not develop in thin air. This was the work of many teachers who put in many hours, who made sure the children in their care received the best they had. This includes staying after school working with students, staying up late to work on lesson plans and to correct papers and meeting with parents to find the best solutions to problems students may be having.

Did you ever wonder how the child you dropped off at first grade, who could not read or write, was able to at the end of the grade? It is not an easy task to develop these skills, especially if you have a class of 25. Please look at the social position of this profession. It is in the bottom rung of professions. People rank doctors, engineers, lawyers, sports figures, dentists and many other professions ahead of teachers.

How did these professionals learn their skills? Someone had to teach them. Teachers at all levels have to fight for every penny they make. The latest injustices regarding salary were in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Kentucky. When budgets have to be cut, most boards of education head right for teachers’ salaries and programs. Is this justice?

Michael Giallombardo


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