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Letter: Hip, vibrant ambiance is not reserved for cities

Hip, vibrant ambiance is not reserved for cities

While reading a Gusto review of a lively Orchard Park village restaurant and bar, imagine my chagrin when the writer expressed surprise at finding a hip, vibrant ambiance that he felt must be reserved for cities, certainly not “the suburbs.” When he compared the scene of the “modern suburban village” to the Elmwood Village (which though designated as such is in reality no village, but a distinctive city neighborhood – but I digress) it was too much.

We can forgive the writer who on the whole gave a positive review of the Byrd House and indeed to the Village of Orchard Park, but we would ask him to take another look at the suburbs, which in fact are just towns. These towns in many cases are older than the City of Buffalo – once a village – and many have very lively, thriving villages within. Amherst (Williamsville), Hamburg (Hamburg village) and Aurora (East Aurora) come to mind.

The Elmwood neighborhood became known as the Elmwood Village because many felt the charming shops and walkability harkened back to – wait for it – villages! Within the towns you may also find numerous unique hamlets that have their own intriguing restaurants, stores and exciting night life.

Eileen Hotho


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