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Letter: Developers have ruined beloved Elmwood Village

Developers have ruined beloved Elmwood Village

We purchased our home on Granger Place in 1950 and we were told of a covenant on the area going back over 100 years. Elmwood was truly a village then. It was family-friendly, with good schools, a great park, good churches and everything else we needed to raise a family. But builders have descended on the village and decided to remake it. They bought up property all over the area like a pack of hungry wolves. With the help of politicians and corporate lawyers, they killed the covenant by a judge who was later disbarred.

How could this happen? Then a Green Code was thought up. But variances, as many as they can buy, make it meaningless. The mayor wants to run for governor and he will have a great deal of backing from deep-pocketed developers.

I am so sick over all of this. I lived in our house for over 65 years until I had to sell my home because of ill health. We loved our life on Granger, but then the carpetbaggers came to town.

Angeline Genovese


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