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Schneiderman says Cuomo should pay less attention to Nixon

ALBANY – Advice from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to fellow Democrat Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo: Perhaps ignore gubernatorial challenger Cynthia Nixon a bit.

“He seems to be reacting to what she does, and where she goes and what she says," Schneiderman said Thursday in a meeting with reporters and editors at The Buffalo News.

“I think that paying less attention to her (Nixon) and focusing more attention on what he’s done and what he’s planning to do makes sense," the attorney general added.

Cuomo and Schneiderman are both running statewide re-election campaigns this year.

Schneiderman gave some brief insights into how he thinks Cuomo is politically positioned as he seeks a third term with New Yorkers.

“I think he’s got a good record and does not face as many of the challenges he faced four years ago," Schneiderman said.

"I think Andrew in the last four years has reduced a lot of his vulnerabilities," Schneiderman said. "Four years ago, the anti-frackers were chasing him all around wherever he went. The teachers union was renting buses to go protest him. The AFL-CIO didn’t endorse him four years ago."

But in 2018, Schneiderman, citing the governor’s strong labor support, said Cuomo is “done with all of those issues now.”

But Schneiderman wondered about the Cuomo campaign giving too much focus to Nixon. “I guess it’s an issue of campaign tactics. If you’re doing well and you’re ahead and you got a good story to tell, I think it’s a question of how much attention you should give to your opponent," the Manhattan Democrat said.

Abbey Fashouer, a Cuomo campaign spokeswoman, responded: "We agree with the AG that we have a very strong record of progressive achievement and proven leadership that we will run on in our campaign as soon as the governmental responsibility this session is finished."

Buffalo News reporter Jay Rey contributed to this article.

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