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Letter: Wind farms are the way to go for a clean energy future

Wind farms are the way to go for a clean energy future

New York State’s energy plan focuses on the following goals: 1.) To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent; 2.) To generate 50 percent of electricity from renewable energy sources; and 3.) To improve statewide energy efficiency by 600 trillion BTU’s. We will have dramatically cleaner air and save money. My question to the detractors of the Lighthouse Wind project – what part these benefits don’t you like?

The electrical power sector accounts for approximately 40 percent of the U.S. total energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. If we are going to be good stewards of our environment, integrating clean energy into our power grid is a great place to start.

Having worked as an engineer in the oil and gas industry for 30 plus years, I have visited coal, nuclear as well as combined cycle natural gas power plants. No question in my mind, I would much rather have a wind farm in my backyard helping us achieve these goals. Probably the most memorable part of a recent business trip to Europe was the train ride from Paris to Switzerland and seeing how well the wind turbines blended into the landscape.

This “not in my backyard” mindset regarding renewables isn’t going to help future generations. Unless you live off the grid, every consumer of electricity is inherently responsible for how those electrons are produced and the effects on our planet. Our community discussions should be about assuring that the best technology and practices are being used for the implementation of APEX’s proposed wind farms in Western New York.

David Olejniczak


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