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Letter: Press is doing its job reporting on abuse scandal

Press is doing its job reporting on abuse scandal

The April 4 letter writer chiding The Buffalo News for too much coverage of abusive priests should be reminded that the free press in America is a major weapon in exposing, documenting and providing follow-up on timely topics that affect the community, especially those that are concerned with the safety of the vulnerable – our children!

Armed with the information, parents must be astounded that for years the hierarchy, knowing this, has intentionally protected, transferred and kept secret the names of abusers and their locations. Worse, the bishop and cardinal, worrying about the “toxic effect” of such revelations, have actively lobbied against the proposed look-back legislation.

Unlike other churches, parishioners do not interview, discuss and vote on the selection of their pastors, resulting in a top-down appointed hierarchy with no direct accountability to their parishioners and the civil community. It seems to me that if the same set of circumstances transpired in the real world, it would be called obstruction of justice.

Paul Young

Orchard Park

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