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Letter: Gun-control laws have failed to prevent recent massacres

Gun-control laws have failed to prevent recent massacres

Having witnessed all manner of authorities speaking on protecting schools from terrorist attacks, the most prolific utterance from most all in this group is, “No guns. School personnel can never function like trained law enforcement.” How true, but at the cemetery we are left to face the core question: How many lay dying or dead when police arrive at the scene?

For clarity, I refer to law enforcement as “the cleanup crew.” This is in no way intended to degrade the heroes of our society who daily live in harm’s way, but to underscore the naked reality of deadly attacks on those unable to defend themselves – mainly due to decision-makers who continue to preach that schools must remain “gun free, safe environments!”

Schools are still under attack long after the Columbine and Newtown massacres. One of the major responses was a late-night law enacted in 2013 under New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s so-called “measure of necessity,” the NY SAFE Act – a further infringement on legitimate gun-owning citizens who have never had any part in unlawful activity.

Now that numerous recent massacres have proven how useless Cuomo’s political career-motivated irresponsible conduct has proven to be, one cannot fathom how many lives could have been saved had a more urgently thought-out measure been enacted five years ago, one making all lives in schools a first and foremost priority.

Are not the lives of our children and their mentors worth it?

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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