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For the graduate: Money jars and advice

As the calendar flips to May, I’m reminded that graduation season is quickly approaching.

Last year, when our daughter was a high school senior, I was surprised just how quickly it all came up. Especially the graduation parties – and decisions about graduation gifts.

Sometimes, my husband I were invited to attend the parties. Other times, we were not. There were classmates’ parties she dropped by for half an hour. Others she went early to help set up and stayed late. Some families teamed up and threw combined parties for two or more graduates.

We had a party. Two hanging paper decorations are still in the maple tree. They don’t look so hot after the long winter and rainy spring, but there they hang.

Back to the gifts. Cash and gift cards likely top the list for any graduate, but I also saw clever ideas for those headed to the dorms.

One of them: a monogrammed towel set in the graduate’s college colors.

Another: a money jar. One friend’s mom gave our daughter a mayonnaise-size glass jar with a coin slot in the lid and a painted slice of pepperoni pizza on the jar. “Pizza Money” was written above it.

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I found other suggestions online: a compact safe for jewelry, wallet, etc. (the small SentrySafe with tethering cable is one option); a first aid kit; gift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond or other destination for dorm supplies, and a book called “Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought You Were Listening” (Sourcebooks).

The book came to be after author/mom Becky Blades wrote a good-bye letter to her college-bound daughter filled with all the advice and reminders she thought she needed. Things she probably had told her 100 times. Things she probably wished she had. Most are text-length because, well, you know.


As a mother who warns her daughter to be careful driving near car washes on sunny days in early spring because the line of cars will be stretched out to the street, I can so relate. I even managed to dispense pearls of wisdom to our daughter while we were stuck in traffic last August near her freshman dorm.

Was it enough? I need to get her this book. It’s not too late.


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