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Editorial: It seems to us - The terrible tolls, the Curse of the 142nd and what the cops saw

OK, Western New York driver, maybe it’s time to stop complaining about Thruway and bridge tolls. From the somebody-always-has-it-worse files, we bring you the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

Once the longest suspension bridge in the world, the span connects the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Using it costs drivers the princely – which is to say, outrageous – sum of $17. Even E-ZPass users have to pay $11.52. Staten Island residents pay about half the E-ZPass rate. For commuters from the island, that’s still more than $1,000 a year.

So Grand Island Bridge users, count your blessings. And your leftover cash.

What is it about the 142nd District Assembly seat? It’s two previous occupants, Mark J.F. Schroeder and, most recently, Michael P. Kearns, were on the outs with the Democratic colleagues, largely because of their wholesome distaste for former Speaker Sheldon Silver. Now the district’s just-elected assemblyman, Erik T. Bohen, is also in trouble with his colleagues.

His case is different. He is a Democrat who ran as a Republican but who wants to sit with the Democrats. The only thing is, the Democrats don’t want him.

Well, it’s Albany. Take it as evidence of the unhealthy tilt in New York’s politics. The Assembly is securely – seemingly impenetrably – Democratic and its leaders can afford to snub Bohen. It’s just another way that lack of competitiveness hurts New Yorkers.

It turns out the cries from the next apartment had nothing to do with domestic violence. As the Associated Press reported, an apartment-dweller in the German town of Neustadt called police to report that two men were abusing a half-naked woman in a nearby apartment.

When they arrived, police instead found that the tenant was a teacher of Japanese Shibari and was instructing a couple in the basics of erotic bondage.

It all ended well, although the police officers politely declined the couple’s offer to let them join in the learning experience. Too bad, since they presumably came equipped with handcuffs.

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