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Letter: Writer is way off the mark with allegations against nuns

Writer is way off the mark with allegations against nuns

To the gentleman from Derby, I hate to burst your bubble. I, too, went to St. Vincent School in Evans. After reading your letter, it makes me wonder if I went to the same school as you did. Oh wait, yes I did. I don’t remember anything anywhere near what you wrote; maybe the occasional slap, only to those who deserved it, but daily beatings of the whole class or broken pointers? You, sir, are the one who needs to apologize to the nuns who taught us well.

As to your reference to Holy Week and altar boys, my brothers and I were altar boys for years. All I remember is a nun who wanted a perfect service.

I must ask though, If you were treated so badly, why didn’t your parents take you out of that school with the child-beating nuns? I only remember your parents and mine working tirelessly for these same nuns and that church and school.

From every letter I’ve read over the years in this column, this is the one that was personal to me and my family. I feel that I had to speak out and set the record straight. After all the alleged beatings, I think I’ve read you turned out OK. I know I did. I have been in the Army and National Guard, an automotive supervisor for 33 years, campground and restaurant owner – and I thank the nuns at St. Vincent for part of that success.

Peter Mistretta

South Wales

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