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Letter: Why can’t New York State be run as efficiently as Florida?

Why can’t New York State be run as efficiently as Florida?

On a recent trip to Florida, I read the local newspapers. While reading a copy of the Englewood Sun, I came across some information that really got my attention. The article stated that Florida has a population of 1 million more people than New York, and a state budget that is HALF of New York’s budget!

I thought, “no way can this be true.” I got online and looked up the facts. It is true! New York State has a population of about 19.85 million people, Florida has about 20.98 million people. The budget for NYS (2017-2018) is about 168 billion dollars. The budget for Florida (2017-2018) is about 83 million dollars. How can this be? What is NYS doing wrong?

I realize that all things are not equal between the two states and never will be, BUT....there is obviously something radically wrong in our state. Where is all the money going? Florida residents I talked to are basically happy and satisfied with the government services they receive, there is a ton of new road construction going on. We can’t even take care of our existing roads and bridges. Wages are lower in Florida, but they pay no income tax and their property taxes are about 2/3 less than ours.

You wonder why we are losing population and business? Its time for NYS government to take a step back, figure out why we are spending so much money and do something to correct the problems before there are no businesses or people left in our state.

Earl Rhodes

Grand Island

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