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Letter: Who needs Charlie Brown when letters provide laughs?

Who needs Charlie Brown when letters provide laughs?

It’s with great amusement every day I read the Everybody’s Column section of The Buffalo News.

Irony abounds in the April 20 issue of the paper and better yet, readers need not even turn the page. A11 provides a wonderful opinion on why soon-to-be ex-Speaker Paul Ryan deserves no praise as he was, according to the writer, a “fierce deficit hawk.” I’d agree with that. What’s missing is the rest of the story, which conveniently enough appears directly opposite the letter on page A10. Author Robert Samuelson points it out in a piece titled “Deficit addiction is now the bipartisan norm in the nation’s capital.”

I find interesting that a good portion of readers’ comments to The News elect to “validate” their point with selective representation of the issue, while at least one national scribe attempted to point out that both of our party leaders are culpable in our miserable state of government. With this kind of writing, there’s no need for Charlie Brown for a few laughs.

Vincent J. Morabito


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