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Letter: Holocaust survivors overcame the worst actions of humanity

Holocaust survivors overcame the worst actions of humanity

When the genocide was taking place, the Allied leaders were notified. They did not respond and did nothing. They could have notified other countries and held them responsible for their actions.

The Jewish people constituted less than 1 percent of the human race. Thy encountered so many obstacles, and yet they contributed so much to the progress of humanity in many facets of life. The Germans and their collaborators destroyed great minds and generations of families to come. The Germans inflicted so much pain and sorrow. They killed 12 million people of different nationalities.

The tragedy is beyond my understanding. To this day, I have been tormented with terrible nightmares. I still have scars on my body from physical abuse.

The hate is still here. Some people went back to their native country in search of their relatives, and they were killed. In 1946, the local people of Kielce, Poland, assembled 42 survivors in the center of their city and massacred them.

People are still fighting wars. Political, territorial claim, you cannot compare this to the Holocaust. In the Holocaust, the Jewish people were killed because of their religion.

What I have learned is the absolute depth to which humanity can sink by its horrendous actions inflicted upon others that came from the depths of its hate, and how its actions can plunge people into horror. Yet from that horror, I and others have been able to find strength, humor, love to create life, without inflicting mental, physical and emotional anguish on others, and live in this life and still find beauty when people are still preaching hate.

Philip Beckman, Holocaust survivor


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