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Letter: Erie County residents must not mind paying high taxes

Erie County residents must not mind paying high taxes

I was surprised to hear that Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz had submitted a detailed plan on school district consolidation that could save county taxpayers millions of dollars. By consolidating district administrations and eliminating duplicative services in several districts and taking advantage of a New York State grant, Erie County taxpayers would enjoy some relief from school tax obligations.

First of all, it is rare for any politician to have a plan that would save taxpayers money. As we know, they love to spend other people’s money at all levels of government. More importantly, though, the taxpayers in the individual school districts would have to vote to approve the plans, which I think is highly unlikely.

Counterintuitive? Maybe. Over the past decade there have been several plans to consolidate village and town governments, and the taxpayers in those villages have voted against those plans. Consolidation votes for village police and town police forces have also been voted down. So while the drumbeat of New York State being the highest taxed state in the nation continues, it appears that Erie County voters have not yet reached the point of taking action to save money on their taxes.

Lou Speranza

Orchard Park

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