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Letter: Collins caters to donors, ignores his constituents

Collins caters to donors, ignores his constituents

A recent Buffalo News headline boldly proclaimed that the Democrats will make Rep. Chris Collins the bad guy.

There is no need for anyone to make Collins a bad guy; he does that all by himself. He has openly stated that his votes are determined by his major donors. His votes have the added bonus of enriching himself, as seen in his support for the tax bill that mostly benefits the very wealthy.

He remains unavailable to his constituents, except for hand-selected friendly groups including, of course, his donors. He has refused to discuss solutions to the proliferation of weapons, going so far as to reject an invitation from high school students. In doing so, he squandered an opportunity to encourage young people to be involved in current issues and to ensure his views on the Second Amendment were represented. He will not hold town hall meetings, as he does not believe he has to defend or explain his policies to the public.

Most damning is Collins’ unwavering championing of an amoral White House marked by scandal, unethical behavior and contempt for the Constitution.

Collins represents Collins. New York’s 27th Congressional District deserves better. We deserve a good guy who will represent all of us, someone who will fight for good public education, affordable health care for everyone, clean air and water, reliable roads and bridges, protection for consumers and workers, and equal opportunities for all.

Jane Lehman


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