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Letter: Arrests at Starbucks have been blown out of proportion

Arrests at Starbucks have been blown out of proportion

For the life of me, I can’t figure out what all the hullabaloo is regarding those two gentlemen who were arrested at Starbucks. I know on occasion I’ve tried to use the bathroom of a food and drink establishment without a purchase only to be told it was for use by customers or patrons of that establishment only. Also it’s my understanding that when I do frequent a food and beverage establishment, I’m there to purchase a food or beverage product.

If I hang there without making such a purchase it’s called loitering. If I continue to hang there it turns into trespassing, which calls for my arrest by establishment security or the police authorities. Even when making a purchase, circumstances may warrant that you leave the establishment after staying for more than a reasonable period of time in order to accommodate other customers. Why have the mainstream media turned this into something more than what common sense dictates?

Carmen J. Gentile


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