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Letter: Responsible parenting can reduce gun violence

Responsible parenting can reduce gun violence

Recent events have everyone wondering what is wrong with our society. Mass murder and children holding demonstrations dominate the headlines. Everyone knew about the “casting couch,” but is that really an important issue?

You know what’s worse than all the drivel about what to do to solve the problem? It’s that the solution is right in front of our eyes and nobody will admit it.

Recently a group of high school seniors were observed commenting about their video games and how many “kills” one student accumulated. “He got 30 kills, when the best I have ever done was 16.” Ever look at the video games available today? When I was a parent of high school teens, those games would have been banned in my house.

Violent video games, violent movies that glorify the assault rifle and violent music lyrics should be banned. But of course that won’t happen because of the First Amendment.

Can you imagine a movie mogul acting responsibly because it’s the right thing to do? Oh no, his profits will be affected. They will be the first to complain about the right to free speech, even though 17 children were murdered right before their eyes.

It’s up to us. Stop buying this garbage and stop allowing our children to buy it. Teach our children responsible gun ownership and, most of all, teach our children to respect everyone and not bully anyone who seems different.

We have the power to solve the problem, without needing the government to enact more foolish laws. All we need to do is be responsible parents and responsible Americans.

James Seufert


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