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Letter: Comments about church were beyond ridiculous

Comments about church were beyond ridiculous

I often read opinions, and some rants, in Everybody’s Column and refrain from commenting due to everyone’s right to an opinion and freedom to state it. But a recent letter blaming God for the ills of society deserves a response.

I won’t get into my thoughts of President Trump or anything else political because it would take away from how I feel about the rest of the letter.

To put it simply and clearly, I think his comments about God and the Catholic Church are worse than ridiculous. They seem to come from a deep-seated ignorance about who and what God is. To refer to God as “one of the cruelest characters in literature” is without any knowledge or insight of the Bible, and putting responsibility for sexual abuse on all teachers and priests is totally unjustified.

There is good and evil in every part of our society and all professions. I have known many, many good religious people who would find the actions of the guilty to be shameful, outrageous and deplorable. The good far outnumber the few who are bad. Just look at the schools, hospitals and missions that serve with love and care along with food banks, shelters and other services.

Apparently the writer doesn’t see much beauty or evidence of all the good there is in this world in the name of God. Perhaps he needs to leave Dunkirk more often.

Anthony LaMarca

Orchard Park

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