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Letter: All front-line workers deserve a fair salary

All front-line workers deserve a fair salary

In response to an article recently printed by The News, I am writing to advocate for pay raises and additional support for all child welfare workers employed by the Erie County Department of Social Services. Child Protective Services workers have a difficult job, and so do the workers in the Children’s Services Unit, who continue to work with families in the days, weeks, months and sometimes even years after CPS has closed their cases.

Children’s Services caseworkers have direct contact with families, going into the very same homes as CPS, assisting families who have had, or are in danger of having, their children removed from their care. Children’s Services caseworkers testify in court, prepare legal documents, move children from and between their natural homes and foster or kinship homes.

Children’s Services caseworkers are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of hundreds of children each month, all while often feeling overworked and underappreciated.

I encourage the Erie County Legislature to take a close look at the difficult and very important work done by all of the dedicated workers in the Erie County Department of Social Services and to work to find a solution to adequately compensate and support all front-line workers.

Lara Hrycik


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