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EpiPen shortage reaches Wegmans, Tops

Wegmans is out of EpiPens, but the Food and Drug Administration says there is no widespread shortage in the United States like the one affecting patients in Canada right now.

Wegmans said its stores are out of stock, and so are both of its suppliers. EpiPens provide automatic injections of epinephrine to provide emergency treatment for people exposed to life-threatening allergies.

"Our pharmacy office is in daily contact with our wholesalers for updates on supply," said Jo Natale, a Wegmans spokeswoman.

EpiPens are in short supply at Tops pharmacies, too.

"TOPS has been in contact with its supplier, however an estimated timeline for receiving additional product has not yet been provided," said Kathleen Romanowski, a Tops spokesperson.
CVS and Rite Aid could not immediately be reached for comment.

The supply of EpiPens in Canada is being strictly controlled, after manufacturing delays caused a shortage among the 0.3 and 0.15 mg injectors, according to Health Canada. Manufacturing delays are also to blame for the local shortages, Wegmans said. EpiPen is sold by Mylan but manufactured by Pfizer.

The FDA said it will continue to monitor the supply of EpiPens.

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