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Letter: Maziarz has shameful lack of accountability

Maziarz has shameful lack of accountability

Reading a recent front-page News article depicting the shameless accounting practices employed within former State Sen. George Maziarz’s offices that seemingly went on for decades, I could not help but feel great disdain for the former regional public heavyweight who charged the outright embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions by former staffers within his office while accepting no blame (or remorse) for the inexcusable manner in which he oversaw his internal operation.

His attitude toward the alleged theft smacks of a weak attempt to both deflect the light being shone back on him directly as well as a shameful lack of accountability for what appears to be, if not outright malfeasance, certainly a long history of abuse of funds that came from constituents who could only assume their hard-earned dollars were being pledged for uses that would serve the greatest benefit of their communities. Instead what they received was grave mismanagement by an office, as well as its chief occupant, who is obviously more interested in assigning guilt than accepting it. A sad legacy indeed.

Edward J. Butler


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