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Letter: Wasteful authorities must be eliminated

Wasteful authorities must be eliminated

Kudos to The Buffalo News editor who penned the April 5 editorial regarding public authorities. You beat me to it. But I would have placed the last paragraph first.

In my humble opinion, it is time for the state of New York and/or the county of Erie to get rid of authorities that give golden parachutes and secret raises to people who are either politically connected or folks who are just the most liked. These money gifts are at taxpayer expense! Just think what these total triple handouts would mean to the non-profits that care for the needy. That money would have gone a long way.

I hope Earl Jann has to work his remaining three years under tight scrutiny. And Dawn Sanders-Garrett needs to return the money for all the unnecessary and/or duplicative trips taken while leaving people without heat in Buffalo’s winter.

I would also hope that Sister Denise Roche would be asked to resign as the NFTA chairwoman for giving raises and not stating the truth about them when asked. This from a nun who presided over D’Youville College for many years, and then spoiled her legacy by evading the truth. Where is her humbleness in an apology?

I urge the New York State and Erie County to take over all authorities. Run them without self-serving, politically connected, dishonest, greedy people who are only interested in themselves. No more self-serving at the trough of the taxpayer.

Evelyn Malone


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