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Letter: U.S. is being governed by the corrupt wealthy

U.S. is being governed by the corrupt wealthy

Ever wonder why politicians no longer work for the people? Ever wonder why there are more lobbyists in Washington, D.C., and other state governments than ever before? Isn’t it amazing how elected officials can take money from organizations and corporations and the wealthy and then vote in their best interests?

The Citizens United ruling in 2010 decreed that political spending is a form of free speech. The more money you have, the more your voice gets taken care of by our corrupted politicians, who need the money to keep their jobs.

Here is a case in point: Rep. Chris Collins got a large amount of money from the health care industry, according to a recent Buffalo News article. Collins works on a congressional subcommittee that currently legislates health care issues. “They see him as someone who will carry their water so they dole out wads of cash.”

If that wasn’t enough it is alleged he did insider trading for Innate stocks. It’s pretty hard to say “no” to wads of cash and go against the people throwing it at you.

Is this the kind of government we want? The people’s voice is silenced, and no longer are we a true republic.

We must overturn this horrific ruling. The only way is if the people rise up and demand it, and vote for politicians who refuse to accept this money. Otherwise we are just a corrupt government of the wealthy, for the wealthy, to serve the wealthy.

Diana Butsch

West Falls

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