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Letter: Let’s applaud leaders who served country

Let’s applaud leaders who served country

I read with amusement the debate about President Trump’s “draft dodging” and President Barack Obama’s “no obligation to serve.” Apparently some readers have inside knowledge about the deferments and know, or think they do, they were without merit. (I wonder what draft number Trump received, and if he would have been called to serve). Others state Obama was only 11 and under “no obligation” to serve our country. In addition, anyone who ever listened to a Howard Stern show knows what that is all about. It is hardly a serious news outlet or source for legitimate information.

I served, I volunteered, I stepped up because I thought my country needed me. Call me a country bumpkin for doing so when I could have hid in my basement or fled to Canada. I think everyone is obligated to serve in some capacity for a small period of time. We certainly have way more takers than givers in our country. We shouldn’t be wasting our time trying to determine whose “lack” of service is more meritorious. None of them are. Let us applaud our presidents, senators Congress members and others for their service.

Patrick Dailey


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