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Letter: Church teachings are timeless, full of truth

Church teachings are timeless, full of truth

The writer of a letter published on April 7 is mistaken about many things. First, his use of the term “archaic” when describing the truthful teachings of the magisterium. Magisterial teaching is timeless, not archaic. This means that the teachings, and the truths they contain, are just as valid today as they were 2,000-plus years ago.

Second, he is mistaken if he thinks there is any defense of the misconduct some of our priests have been engaged in present in magisterial teaching. Or perhaps he mistakenly believes that because people are imperfect and often engage in conduct that is contrary to these teachings, that it somehow invalidates these truths. The fact that imperfect people often don’t live up to these teachings does not invalidate these truths.

He is also not just mistaken but delusional if he thinks that misconduct of this nature does not happen in Protestant churches. It happens in these churches. It just so happens that the media have their sights set on Rome simply because anti-Catholic bigotry is the last acceptable form of bigotry remaining in the U.S.

Most of our priests are good men who unfortunately have to deal with the flak because of the misconduct of their brother priests.

Joseph W. Amendolea


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