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Letter: Support East Side churches, Broadway Market year-round

Support East Side churches, Broadway Market year-round

Here we go again. The Polonia District can go back into retirement as the thousands who came over the Easter season can once again return to their suburban malls and churches. On the evening of Holy Thursday, hundreds came to visit seven churches, pray and exclaim with amazement over the beauty of the architecture and unbelievable artwork. Almost every bench was filled at St. Stanislaus on Holy Saturday, with people having their baskets blessed. The parade on Dyngus Day is a definite must.

Year after year, people filled with nostalgia take for granted that the Broadway Market and these churches, comparable to those found in Europe, will continue to be there waiting for them and future generations. Really?

The Broadway Market and East Side churches need support throughout the year. Many people come to the churches to have a beautiful setting for weddings and baptisms and are never seen again as they take the convenient route of their local church.

By using the expressway, it takes my family under 20 minutes to reach St. Stanislaus Church from Cheektowaga. Current levels of support are a start but definitely not enough to keep the churches and East Side landmarks alive for the future. It will be too late to lament if these doors are closed.

Carol Pitas


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