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Letter: Disposable plastic bags reused for many things

Disposable plastic bags reused for many things

I am writing in response to the letter in support of a bill to ban all disposable plastic bags. While I applaud the writer’s objectives, I can’t support her conclusions. It’s easy to say that all shoppers should bring their own bags, and for shoppers with motor vehicles, this is a reasonable expectation. Just toss your reusable bags in the back seat or the trunk. But not everyone has a car. A lot of shoppers have to do their shopping by bus. With disposable bags no longer available, that means dragging around your bags everywhere you go. Everywhere. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but try doing all your shopping by bus for a month and you’re sure to feel different.

In addition, those disposable bags are used for a lot of things besides groceries. Ask your friends with pets. From emptying out the litter box to scooping pooch’s poop, those disposable bags are in constant use. Think of all the bags of donated clothing and household items that make use of those plastic bags. Travelers use them to stash their dirty clothing. Home painters use them to line their paint trays. They’re just right for small waste baskets. Gardeners use them to protect their plants from frost. And so on.

I think it would be far better to charge a nickel or dime per bag and put the revenue toward cleaning up the environment or creating a more environmentally friendly type of bag.

Linda Malia


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