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Letter: Bringing daylight to abuse, lies is not ‘sensationalism’

Bringing daylight to abuse, lies is not ‘sensationalism’

This Buffalo native and Catholic-educated (Canisius High School and Marquette University) resident offers praise to The Buffalo News for giving the Western New York community much-needed and long-delayed truth and factual information regarding abusive priests.

I take issue with the writer of the recent letter to the editor who feels that the reportage is “out of proportion to the damage to the community” and eroding the morale of good priests and faithful parishioners. He calls the articles “over-the-top sensationalism.”

However, the real damage to the community has been caused by decades of lies regarding priests who were known by the Catholic Diocese to be abusive but instead were listed as “on administrative leave” or “on medical leave” or “retired.” Worse yet, many were simply reassigned and therefore enabled to abuse again. Bringing daylight to these lies and deceits can hardly be categorized as sensationalism.

I doubt that truth can ever damage the morale of faithful parishioners. Sad to say, it seems that Bishop Richard Malone is doing that all by himself with his duplicitous actions in addressing the issue. Printed in the March 2 News was Malone’s statement that: “The victims and our church in Western New York cannot move forward until the pain of the past is properly addressed.”

Yet at the same time he traveled to Albany to lobby against the look-back period in the Child Protection Act. This two-faced behavior speaks volumes about his seriousness in addressing the pain of the past.

Thanks should be given to The Buffalo News for its courageous and ongoing coverage of the Catholic Diocese’s festering wound. I heartily give it.

Dennis Stuart


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